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Q: My mother is not 60 years of age yet, but she is lonely at home and has no activity. Can she join the Senior Club Indonesia?
Yes. We welcome every senior citizen who wishes to socialize with other fellows with similar age and be involved in various activities offered by Senior Club Indonesia.
Q: My dad is old and frail. He needs a caregiver to attend to his needs 24/7.
Can he still join Senior Club Indonesia?
Senior Club Indonesia is pleased welcoming your father to join with us.
Terms and conditions to become a Senior Club Indonesia member is:
- Independence or accompanied by private caregiver for continuous mentoring.
Q: My dad is independent and quite active. But he gets tired easily and
may need to take a nap in the afternoon.
A: There are rooms available in our facility for members to rest and take afternoon naps.
Q: My parents speak very little Indonesian. They speak Mandarin only.
Will they be able to socialize with others?
Many of our club members speak Mandarin, and some English and Dutch. The Senior Club Indonesia caregivers have also been trained to understand and speak Mandarin.
Q: How is the food preparation in Senior Club Indonesia?
Senior Club Indonesia understands that quality meal and food service are integral to quality of life for older adults. Therefore, the meals in Senior Club Indonesia are prepared by highly skilled professional chefs who are trained to prepare meals for older adults. Themeals are not only appetizing, but also nutritional, low in sugar and salt, and non-greasy.
Q: Is Senior Club Indonesia similiar to a nursing home?
Senior Club Indonesia differs from nursing homes. Senior Club Indonesia is a social adult day care centre, which operates during daytime hours (07.30 am – 16.30 pm), Monday through Friday only. The planned programs and activities are designed to promote senior citizens well-being to become HEALTHY, CHEERFUL and HAPPY. Senior Club Indonesia provides senior citizens an opportunity to get out of the house during the day and receive both mental and social stimulation.