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              Membership is available for seniors who are about 60 years old and above.


   1. Registration Fee

   2. Membership Fees:

       a. Public

       b. Special Needs
           (with/without wheelchair + Caregiver / Nurse)

 Rp 5.000.000,-  (Five Million Rupiah)

 Rp 4.000.000,-/month

 Rp 5.000.000,-/month


   1.  Get Senior Club Indonesia Membership card.

   2.  Get Starter Kits.
   3.  Get Morning Tea Time (Snacks and Tea).
   4.  Get Afternoon Tea Time (Snacks and Tea).
   5.  Get Lunch.
   6.  Follow Routine Program and Hobby Class everyday, 10:00 – 12:00 am.

   7.  Members may join optional activities such as Outing / Excursion.

   8.  Facilities:

        a. Room for afternoon rest.

        b. Hair wash and Blow / Relaxation Massage (maximum 2x/week).

        c. Pick-up and drop-off service available for members at Pantai Indah Kapuk area

            (while seat is still available).


 Monday until Friday.      

      ●  From 07:30 am till 16:30 pm.


   1.   Above 60 years old.

   2.   Follow Interview & Screening membership candidate.

   3.   Do Registration.

   4.   Registration Fee + Monthly Membership Fee payment are every 3 months

         (due before the 10th of the month).

   5.   Trial for Membership Candidate may come 1 full day to Senior Club Indonesia.

   6.   Members are permitted to invite their personal guests for visit and enter the club area

         during special events and occasions, guests must be accompanied by member.

         Members are required to pay a guest fee by using Special Membership Voucher.

         All guests are required to follow the club’s “Rules and Regulations”.

   7.   Senior Club Indonesia membership is not transferable.

   8.   Membership resignation can be done by informing to Senior Club Indonesia and

         completed all membership due payments at Senior Club Indonesia.

   9.   Refund will be proportional calculated and the remaining presence for a resignation member

         will be given after 3 months payment.

   10. A resignation member who would like to rejoin as membership, must pay Registration Fee.